Acacia Fillo Bar is a family operated business led by Vera Eftovska-Ivanova and her husband Ziggy Ivanov. It was established in 2006 as a natural expansion of Urban Catering, a a successful catering business operating since 2001.

Vera Eftovska-Ivanova comes from a family which has been in the food industry for generations. Her father is the founder and successful operator for 35 years of three coffee shops with in-house made pastries in Sofia, Bulgaria. Other family members are the owners and managers of bakeries and cafés in New York, Paris, Berlin and Skopie. As the descendant of the family tradition, Vera herself has owned and operated a bistro for 5 years in her home country. She also is the owner of Urban Catering.

Vera graduated from the Technical School of Public Catering in 1988. In 1990, she graduated with a Diploma from the Central School for Managers of Public Catering. She successfully completed the Entrepreneurial Skills Training Program at BCIT and continues upgrading her management skills.

Ziggy Ivanov has 19 years of experience in the restaurant industry. A graduate of the Technical School of Public Catering, he also holds a diploma from the Central School for Chefs. His work experience includes 9 years at Torrefazione Italia as a Supervisor, and previously 10 years as a waiter at Portobello Ristorante, Valentino’s Restaurant, Ciao Bella and The Box Tree.

Vera and Ziggy bring you a unique dining experience in a home-like atmosphere.